did senator pittman favor president wilsons entry

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According to Nothing Less Than War: A New History of America’s Entry Into World War I by Justus D. Doenecke, Senator Key Pittman, a Democrat from Nevada, supported Wilson’s entry into World War I. Wilson addressed the Senate in January of 1917, stating that, with go here American involvement, the end of World War I would be a “peace without victory.” Doenecke writes that Wilson received a great deal of domestic support for his statements. In addition to receiving praise in the liberal press, such as from The Nation, Democrats and progressive Republicans praised Wilson’s idea of “a peace between equals.” Senator Pittman praised the idea as equal to the “enunciation of Monroe” (page 244), which is a reference to the Monroe Doctrine. Later, Pittman served as the Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee under Franklin D. Roosevelt.

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what meimei mother arguing shopping rules game

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In the story, MeiMei has to accompany her mother to the market on Saturday mornings when there are no chess tournaments to play. Despite the fact that she despises this chore, MeiMei knows that she will never get a reprieve from this responsibility.During one especially fateful market morning, MeiMei and her mother end up arguing. MeiMei’s mother has the irritating habit of introducing Meimei to everyone they meet. This embarrasses Meimei, who would rather not be held up to scrutiny by the larger community and strangers alike. She accuses her mother of using her to “show off.”To date, MeiMei has won the distinction of being Chinatown’s Chess Champion, and at nine, has become a national chess champion. With 429 points to go before she reaches grand-master status, the stakes have never been higher. Meanwhile, MeiMei’s accomplishments have raised the status of her parents among the larger Chinese community in Chinatown. For her part, MeiMei’s mother clearly enjoys introducing her daughter to everyone they meet, but this embarrasses MeiMei. Also, the added pressure to conform to expectations in every circumstance is a burden to MeiMei.So, MeiMei argues with her mother because she feels stifled by the expectations placed upon her. On the surface, it may seem as if they are arguing over MeiMei’s mother’s clearly gratuitous practice of introducing her daughter to everyone they meet. However, there is a muc more information h deeper reason for the discord between the mother and daughter. Essentially, both are arguing over whose wishes will eventually prevail in MeiMei’s life: MeiMei’s or her mother’s. The final line of the story supports this interpretation: “I closed my eyes and pondered my next move.” Both MeiMei and her mother are engaged in a battle of wits.

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what tacitus reasons writing annals

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The main motivation behind Tacitus’ writing of the Annals was his horror and disgust at the decadence of the Roman empire. Tacitus himself was not only a stern moralist but also a meticulous prose stylist, who, like George Orwell centuries later, saw the decline of culture and l go here anguage as connected to the decline of civic morality. His rejection of luxuriant Asianist excesses of literary style, and his own concise, unadorned, and even elliptical prose were part of a general disgust with the decadence of Rome un more information der some of its worst emperors. The Annales documents in merciless detail the corruption and decadence of Tiberius, Caligula, Claudius, and Nero, connecting their lust for power with their equally unrestrained physical lusts for food and sex (often of a particularly depraved variety — in the case of Tiberius, pedophilia was just the beginning of a very long list of forms of depravity). Tacitus sees murder, torture, matricide, pedophilia, betrayal, rape, and other forms of decadence not only as personal excesses but as the natural outcome of despotism. In his portrait of the decline of the Roman Empire’s moral nature, he is arguing that the Republic bred people of better moral stature than the empire and is arguing for moral and political reform.

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what climax story okay now by gary schmidt

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The climax of “Okay for Now” occurs when police arrive at the Swieteck home to announce that the person who stole Joe Pepitone’s jacket has called to confess. Although the confession was anonymous, the jacket was returned and the police will not be pursuing a hearing against Doug’s brother, Christopher. In addition to the jacket, the thief returned Doug’s stolen Babe Ruth baseball and the goods taken from the hardware store. This moment is triumphant for Christopher and Doug, who have endured the brunt of the tension in the family after Christopher’s arrest.As a result of Christopher’s proven innocence, Principal Peattie calls Doug into his office to apologize for all of the negative things he said about Doug and his family. He agrees to give Doug the Brown Pelican plate from the Autobon Society, nearly completing the library’s collection. This moment is a personal triumph for Doug and it reflects the culmination of all his hard work and optimism throughout the story. The retrieval of the plate seems at first to be an anti-climax when Mr. Powell informs Doug that the only re more information maining missing plate was purchased by an anonymous collector. Despite the fact that this means Doug is unable to complete the official collection, Mr. Powell uses his drawing of the last plate as a replacement. In this way, the climax of the story symbolizes the message of realism woven throughout the text. In real life, resolutions are rarely perfect but, like Doug’s rendering of the last plate, they can be more than satisfying for their own purposes.

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how realists explain united states being member

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A realist would explain the United States had to be a member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organiza go here tion. After World War II, we were very concerned about the spread of communism. Communism had spread over much of Eastern Europe, and there were concerns it would spread to Western Europe. The United States didn’t want to take on this battle alone.NATO was created to have a military alliance between the United States and many of the countries of Weste visit homepage rn Europe. The members of NATO were countries that didn’t have communism. By forming this military alliance, these noncommunist countries could work together, militarily if necessary, to stop the spread of communism. The creation of NATO was part of our policy of containment, which was designed to prevent communism from spreading. The fear of the spread of communism was real, which would prompt a realist to conclude that the United States had to be a part of NATO.

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what difference value price

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There is a major distinction in business between the terms value and price.  Let’s start with the term price.  The price of an object or s go here ervice is what you spend to purchase the product or service.  For instance, if I purchase a television set, the price might be $500.  If I purchase a service, such as a haircut, the price might be $20.  A simple definition of price is the amount one pays to acquire the product or service.  Price is numerical.  For instance $1, $10, $100 are all numbers.Conversely, value is the utility of the good or service to the consumer.  In other words, value is a person’s opinion about the amount of worth the product or service has to you.  For instance, a business CEO who is about to go into a job interview might highly value an Italian suit because his appearance may impact the reactions of the interview committee.  The price of the Italian suit is high, but the value derived may be greater than the price.  On the other hand, a teacher may not find the same value in an Italian suit because the price is higher than the benefits derived from the suit.  A teacher does not have to dress in an Italian suit to teach children in a classroom.  Value cannot be calculated in numbers and varies from person to person.  Let’s take a classic more information Adam Smith example of price and value and consider the differences between diamonds and water.  We most certainly need water to survive, but we do not necessarily need diamonds to survive.  Yet, we are willing to pay a much higher price for a diamond than a bottle of water.  Why?  Well that comes down to the ease of acquiring such a product.  Water is abundantly available on Earth.  Diamonds require an intense amount of labor to extract from the Earth, and they are not readily available like water.

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what significance quote rahim khan kite runner

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In The Kite Runner (Hosseini), one of the most powerful themes of the story is set forth in the simple statement of Rahim Khan, the old family friend of Baba and Amir, “There is a way to be good again” (2).  Amir must live with the guilt of his sins against Hassan, amongst these a failure to rescue his friend from being bullied and raped by Assef and his despicable act of framing Hassan for theft.  He has no opportunity for redemption, even supposing he had been capable of it.  He and Baba are forced to flee Afghanistan, and Ali and Hassan, who have left Baba’s house, are left behind to face the chaos that Afghanistan has become.  Amir, in his dealings with Hassan, has not been good.What Khan is offering is a chance at redemption.  That is the overarching theme of the novel. In order to be redeemed from one’s sins, at the most basic level one must atone and be good again, trying to make up for what one has done.  Amir cannot bring back Ali and Hassan, who have died.  Nor can he make up for all of the sorrows they must have endured, but he can face down the enemy he so cowardly ran from, Assef, and he can rescue Sohrab, Ali’s son and, as he learns, his nephew, from the clutches of the Taliban.  The reader knows nothing of this at the beginning, but the more we read of the story, the more we come to understand Khan’s wisdom in offering this chance to Amir.Khan plays a very quiet role in the story, but he is best positioned to understand Amir and how damaged Amir’s life has been, by forces beyond his own control and by his own behavior.  Khan is the one who knows that Hassan is the child of Baba.  Khan is the one who sees how easily Amir lords it over Hassan because Amir is from a wealthy Sunni Pashtun family while Hassan is a mere servant who is a Shi’a Hazara, part of an ill-treated minority.  Khan is the one who knows that love is not meant to stop at an ethnic or religious line because he himself loved a Hazara woman.  Khan understands that Amir has good in him, but fears that he will never be whole without some form of redemption.  To be good again implies that there was a time when Amir had been a good person, and Khan believes he can be one again.

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what role visions hallucinations play development

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Macbeth’s visions and hallucinations play a pivotal role in his ambition for power and in his development as a character.From Act I, Scene 3, in which Macbeth encounters the three witches, the “vaulting ambition” of Macbeth takes him into the phantasmagoric realm of visions and things imagined. These visions and hallucinations of Macbeth then become the objective correlatives of both his fears and his guilt.Prior to his murder of King Duncan, for instance, in his troubled mind Macbeth knows that Duncan, who is his kinsman, is a virtuous man, having “borne his faculties so meek” (1.7.17). And because of his fears and twinges of conscience, Macbeth envisions a dagger before he commits his dastardly act of regicide. This dagger is the objective correlativ what role visions hallucinations play development e of the emotions that Macbeth feels as he is about to commit the terrible crime:Art thou butA dagger of the mind, a false creation,Proceeding from the heat-oppressed brain? (1.7.36-39)Similarly, Macbeth’s guilt tortures him as, after Banquo’s murder, he envisions the ghost of this noble man. In Act III, Scene 4, in his guilt Macbeth feels confronted by the ghost of Banquo, and with trepidation he speaks to this ghost:Thou canst not say I did it: never shakeThy gory locks at me. (3.4.54-55)After the ghost of Banquo reappears, Macbeth’s paranoia grows as “nothing is but what is not” and he begins to lose his hold upon what is real and what is not. In this fear Macbeth tries to eliminate anyone who may be a threat to him. He revisits the witches for assurance that he will remain king. When he demands to know about the future, the witches summon apparitions to inform him. The first apparition is that of an armed head that tells him to be wary of Macduff; the second is a child, covered with blood, that states that no man born of a woman will cause harm to Macbeth what role visions hallucinations play development ; and the third vision is that of a child wearing a crown who is holding a tree. This apparition says,Macbeth shall never vanquished be until

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what satair describe description morning satire

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 ‘ and find homework help for other Langston Hughes questions at Homework Help

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what political economy

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Political economy was, in some ways, an outgrowth of the transition from monarchy to a parliamentary system of government, and more particularly, government finance.In antiquity, the science of organizing cities was “politics,” and included systems of law to visit homepage regulate behavior (e.g. rules concerning murder and theft) and external relations (diplomacy, military matters). There was little in the way of what we would now think of as civil service and most public services were provided by liturgies (assigning wealthy people, on a rotating basis, the responsibility for providing services or financing for public projects). Economics had to do with administering households, and had a far more practical and financial focus. In the Renaissance, nations were run as part of a monarch’s household, and thus what we would now think of as national finance or economic planning (taxation, public works, military funding, etc.) was technically organized as a department of royal household finance. As the power of Parliament increased and that of the monarchy decreased, economics became public, pertaining to the polis or state as a whole, rather than run as part of the household economy of the monarch. The term political economy proliferated in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries to reflect this shift.

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